Sundarban Safari Delight: Explore Tour Package from Kolkata

Adventurers exploring the lush Sundarbans on a tour from Kolkata
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Outline of the Article

  1. Introduction
  2. The Enigmatic Sundarbans
  3. How to Reach Sundarbans from Kolkata
  4. The Best Time to Visit
  5. Choosing the Right Tour Package
  6. Exploring Sundarbans Wildlife
  7. Experiencing the Local Culture
  8. Sundarbans’ Iconic Flora and Fauna
  9. A Day in the Life of a Tourist
  10. Delectable Sundarbans Cuisine
  11. Navigating the Waterways
  12. Sustainable Tourism in Sundarbans
  13. Safety and Tips
  14. Conclusion
  15. FAQs – Your Sundarbans Safari Queries Answered


The Sundarbans, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a unique and breathtaking natural wonder. Stretching across India and Bangladesh, this mangrove forest is home to an incredible variety of flora and fauna. It’s no surprise that travelers from around the world are drawn to its mystical beauty. If you’re starting your journey from Kolkata, India, we’ve got the ultimate tour package to explore this enchanting ecosystem.

The Enigmatic Sundarbans

The Sundarbans, often referred to as the “Amazon of the East,” is the largest tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. It’s known for its lush greenery, intricate waterways, and rich biodiversity. The region’s most famous inhabitant is the Royal Bengal Tiger, which makes this destination a wildlife enthusiast’s dream come true.

How to Reach Sundarbans from Kolkata

To embark on your Sundarbans adventure, you’ll want to reach the gateway town of Sundarbans, namely, Godkhali. You can opt for a train journey from Kolkata to Canning and then take a short car ride to Godkhali. Alternatively, you can arrange for a private car from Kolkata directly to Godkhali.

The Best Time to Visit

For the most pleasant experience, plan your trip between September and March when the weather is cooler and the wildlife is more active. However, if you’re a bird-watching enthusiast, visit during the winter months for a spectacular avian display.

Choosing the Right Tour Package

Selecting the perfect tour package is crucial. Various options are available, catering to different budgets and interests. Ensure that your package includes accommodation, meals, guided tours, and necessary permits.

Sundarban Tour package from kolkata to Sundarban

2 Night 3 Days in Sundarban – Rs. 5200/- only

1 Night 2 Days in Sundarban – Rs 4100/– only

Exploring Sundarbans Wildlife

One of the main attractions is the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve, where you can spot the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger. Besides tigers, you can encounter saltwater crocodiles, spotted deer, and a variety of birds and reptiles.

Experiencing the Local Culture

Get a taste of the local culture by visiting villages in the Sundarbans. Interact with the friendly locals, watch traditional performances, and learn about their unique way of life.

Sundarbans’ Iconic Flora and Fauna

The Sundarbans is not just about tigers and crocodiles. It’s also home to a diverse range of plant and tree species. Explore the mesmerizing mangrove ecosystem, including the Sundri and Hetal trees.

A Day in the Life of a Tourist

A typical day in Sundarbans includes boat rides through winding creeks, nature walks, and wildlife safaris. As the sun sets, enjoy the serene beauty of the mangroves.

Delectable Sundarbans Cuisine

Indulge in authentic Sundarbans cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh seafood and local flavors. Taste mouthwatering dishes like crab curry and prawn malai curry.

Navigating the Waterways

Boat tours are the best way to explore the waterways of Sundarbans. Glide through narrow channels and watch the magic of this unique ecosystem unfold before your eyes.

Sustainable Packages Tourism in Sundarbans from Kolkata

Responsible tourism is essential to protect the delicate ecosystem of the Sundarbans. Follow the guidelines provided by your tour operator to minimize your impact.

Safety and Tips

Ensure your safety by following the instructions of your tour guide. Dress appropriately for the weather, carry essentials like mosquito repellent, and stay hydrated.


A Sundarbans safari from Kolkata offers an unforgettable experience. The tranquil beauty of this UNESCO site, combined with its vibrant wildlife and rich culture, is a true delight for any traveler.

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FAQs – Sundarban tour package from kolkataQueries Answered

  1. Is it safe to visit the Sundarbans?
    • Yes, it is safe to visit as long as you follow the guidelines of your tour operator and local authorities.

  2. What is the best time to spot tigers in the Sundarbans?
    • Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to spot tigers, as they are more active during these hours.

  3. What should I pack for a Sundarbans trip?
    • Pack light, breathable clothing, comfortable shoes, insect repellent, sunscreen, and a hat.

  4. Can I explore the Sundarbans on my own, or do I need a Sundarban tour package from kolkata ?
    • It’s highly recommended to book a tour package for safety and an enriching experience.

  5. Are there any restrictions on photography in the Sundarbans?
    • Yes, there are restrictions in certain areas to minimize disturbances to wildlife. Your tour guide will provide guidance on photography rules.

Embark on an adventure to the Sundarbans and witness nature at its finest. With the right tour package and some essential tips, your journey from Kolkata to this mystical mangrove forest will be a memory to cherish forever.

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