2 Night 3 Days Sundarban Hilsa Festival Tour

You should visit the 11th Hilsa Festival of Sundarban, becaus  it’s a very enjoyable as well as memorable journy to complete a proper Bengali experience! Book our Sundarban Hilsa Festival Tour package to excite your taste buds & fulfill your foodie soul. Every year during the Monsoon, there are 4 months of the Hilsa festival program from July to October.

‘Queen of Fish,’ often called ‘Macher Raaja’ Hilsa, is not just a fish; it’s an emotion for Bengalis. The blissful flavor of Hilsa is celebrated in this Hilsa Festival of Sundarbans.
Reserve our exclusive Tour package & explore the breathtaking beauty of this UNESCO-recognized world heritage site with the most trusted Sundanban Kaberi Travels.
Fulfill your tastebuds & stomach with the mouthwatering Bengali Hilsa recipes, including Hilsa Bhapa, Hilsa Fry, Hilsa Korma, Hilsa Biriyani, Hilsa Bharta, Hilsa Paturi & Hilsa tok. We collect fresh Hilsa fish from local fishermen & serve you the most tempting Hilsa dishes during this tour.
We serve different income levels of people & design our tour packages accordingly. Our Sundarban Hilsa Festival Tour itinerary covers all attractive places from the five river junctions to 2 watchtowers, including Sajnekhali Watch Tower & Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower.
Seal your dates with our Sundarban Hilsa Festival Tour package for an everlasting memory!

Sundarban Hilsa Festival Tour Package Covers

Gosaba Island, Pakhiralay, Sundarban Tiger Reserve, Sunset views of the Sundarbans, Sundarban Museum, the Sajnekhali Watch tower, a crocodile pond, a turtle pond, Sudhanyakhali sweetwater pond, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, Bono Bibi temple, Bonobibi Varani Jungle, Gajikhali, Rabindranath Tagore Bekon Bungalow, Hamilton Saheb Bungalow & Anukul Thakur Mandir, Dobaki Watch Tower, Dobaki over the footbridge, Gosaba Bazar, Jharkhand Island, Panchanmukhi River Point, Jharkhgali Watch Tower, Vidyadhari River and Jharkhali Park, local folk dance, “JHUMUR DANCE.”

We make all kinds of arrangements needed for this rainy season & offer safety in every way ony for all of you.

Detailed Daywise Itinerary

Day 1 at Sundarban

7:00 AM: Pick up from Kolkata by AC/non-AC bus/ car heading towards Godhkhali Launch Ghat. 

8:30 AM: Breakfast & tea/coffee will be served mid of the journey. (Packed To Be Served On Bus)

10:30 AM: We will provide a luxury boat from Godhkhali Ghat to reach Gosaba Island. 

1:00 PM: A tasty Lunch will be served on the launch while crossing the marvelous views of birds & mangrove forests. 

2:30 PM: Reaching the Hotel by enjoying the beautiful side views of the Sundarbans. 

4:10 PM: Reaching Pakhiralay, which is pure bliss for bird lovers. This is located on the opposite side of the Sundarban Tiger Reserve. A variety of birds from different species come to this place & fly all around this beautiful island, which is the main attraction of Sundarban. 

5:20 PM: Return to the Hotel after watching the captivating sunset views of the Sundarbans. Day 1 of the Sundarban Tour package comes to an end with this. 

6:30 PM: Snacks will be served in the room. 

7:30 PM: Enjoy the evening with the local folk dance “JHUMUR DANCE”. Join their steps & enjoy the tribal dancing moves. 

9:30 PM: Dinner will be served at the Hotel.

Day 2 at Sundarban

8:20 AM: Start the boat safari for day 2 at the marvelous delta region of Sundarbans. 

8:30 AM: The boat will leave the Pakhiralaya & we will begin the Sundarban Jungle Safari.  The breakfast will be served on the boat. We will begin our adventurous boat Safari through islands & rivers covering Mangrove forests, Sundarban Museum, Sajnekhali Watchtower, crocodile pond, turtle pond, and wooden huts.

The animals you can spot from the Sajnekhali Watch tower: Royal Bengal tiger, Crocodile, wild Boar, turtle, Monkey, Foreign birds, jungle sakes, Deer, jungle pig & more! 

11:00 AM: Visit Sajnekhali to Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower. You can have a glimpse of the Sudhanyakhali sweetwater pond & spot the Royal Bengal Tiger. Take pure blessings from Bono Bibi temple, which is considered a popular local mighty for keeping local habitats safe from tiger attacks. 

11:40 AM: From here, visit Bonobibi Varani Jungle & enjoy the views of the deep green mangrove jungle through the narrowest canals. Reaching Jungle Pirkhali to Gajikhali, chances are higher to spot the Royal Bengal tiger, deer, and crocodile from the top of the boat while passing through these canals. 

1:00 PM: A delicious Lunch will be served on the boat while crossing these marvelous views of junglee animals & mangrove forests. 

2:00 PM: Reaching the Dobaki Watch Tower & enjoying footwalking the 1600-foot-long Dobaki over the footbridge. Enjoy the views of the adventurous mangrove forest while having thrilling visits to Bonobibi temple, sweet water pond, Panchanmukhi River Point, Jharkhgali Watch Tower, and Jharkhali Park.

You can spot wild animals like Deer, Crocodile, Tiger & Pigs

5:00 PM: After this adventurous view of the Jungle safari, we will reach the hotel. 

6:30 PM: Snacks will be served in the room. 

7:30 PM: Enjoy the evening with the local folk dance called “JHUMUR DANCE” with Baul Song. 

9:30 PM: Dinner will be served at the Hotel.

Day 3 at Sundarban

9.30 AM: Check out from the hotel.

10:00 AM: Breakfast at the boat. 

11:00 AM: Visit any one village among these Bijaynagar/Sonaga/Doyapore. Then visit Rabindranath Tagore Bungalow, Hamilton Saheb’s Bungalow & Anukul Thakur Mandir, and Gosaba Bazar. 

1:00 PM: A tasty Lunch will be served on the way. 

4:00 PM: Reach Godhkhali, then head back to Kolkata by Ac/ Non-AC Car/Bus.

Find Out Sundarban Hilsa Festival Menu Details

Day 1: 

Breakfast: 8:30 AM, Poori, Sabji, Boiled Egg, Banana, Sweet, Tea/ Coffee. (Packed To Be Served On Bus)

10:30 AM, Serving Amudi Fish Fry with Salad.

Lunch: 1:00 PM, Rice, Daal, Potato Fries, Sorshe Hilsa/ Dahi Hilsa, Chutney & Papad. 

Evening Snacks: 6:30 PM, Tea/Coffee, Veg/ Chicken Pakoda, & Chowmin.

Dinner: 9:30 PM, Rice, Daal, Fries, Sabji, Mutton Kosha, Papad & Sweet. 
Day 2:
Breakfast: 8:30 AM, Tea/Coffee, biscuits, Chickpeas, Boiled Eggs, Any Sweet.

10:30 AM, After a while, serve Amudi Fish Fry with salad.

Lunch: 1:00 PM, Rice, Daal, Fried Veggies, Pui Hilsa, Hilsa Bhapa/ Hilsa Paturi/Hilsa Malaikari, Chutney, Papad.

Day 3: 

Breakfast: 9:00 AM, Kachur, Chana Matar, Boiled eggs, Sweets

Lunch: 1:00 PM, Rice, Daal, Fried Veggies, Bhola Fish Curry, Bagda Prawn Kalia/Crab curry, Chutney, Papad.

Sundarban Hilsa Festival Includes

Sundarban Hilsa Festival Excludes

  • Kindly remember that Any kind of Aerated or Hard drinks are not allowed.
  • Video camera charges are extra.
  • Coolie charges are applicable.
  • Any meal out of the included package.
  • Non-Indian guests are responsible for their permit fees within the Tiger Reserve.
  • Any miscellaneous expenses incurred during your stay at Sundarban are not included.

Things To Carry

  • The doctor prescribed specific medicines for personal health needs such as fever, cold, cough, stomach upset, headache, etc. 
  • Carry a valid photo ID.
  • Foreign visitors must have their original passports on hand.
  • Carry your camera & binoculars for capturing the wild beauty of Sundarbans.
  • Carry a cap/ sunglasses/ sunscreen lotions during your Sundarbans tour.
  • Easy to carry baggage. 
  • Opt for comfortable footwear.
  • Carry cash as needed, as the ATM is remotely accessible in this area. ATM available in Gosaba: SBI Bank ATM.

Child Policy

  • Free for 1 to 4 years.
  • 50% charges are applicable for children between 4 to 8 years.
  • A full charge is applicable for children above 8 years. 

Important Notes To Remmember

  • The Itinerary is subject to change as the visit to the different watch towers depends on tidal and weather conditions. However, we will cover the places mentioned in the 1 Night 2 Days Sundarban Hilsa Festival Tour during the stay. 
  • The Food menu might also be changed depending on the food availability.
  • We might change the luxury vehicles or Boats if we encounter any technical problems and ensure the safety of our guests. 
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