Embark on a thrilling kayaking expedition through the narrow channels and creeks of the Sundarbans. Paddle your way through the winding waterways, surrounded by towering mangrove trees and the symphony of nature. This eco-friendly adventure allows you to explore hidden corners of the Sundarbans at your own pace, providing an intimate and immersive experience with the region’s rich biodiversity.

2 Days - 1 Night
23% Off
₹3477 ₹4500
Timing : Jully, August, Septembar   Tourist Spot  : Gosaba, Rabindranth thakur Bekon banglow, Hamilton Saheb banglow, Pakhiralay Sajnakhali, Sudhanwakhali, Pirkhali, Bonabibi varani Sarkkhali Gajikhali, Dobaki...
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