Strap on your explorer hat and venture into the untamed wilderness of the Sundarbans on a jungle safari. Accompanied by our expert guides, you’ll navigate through dense mangrove forests, where you might spot elusive wildlife such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, crocodiles, deer, and a variety of exotic bird species. This up-close encounter with nature’s wild side is an experience you won’t soon forget.

2 Days - 1 Night
23% Off
₹3477 ₹4500
Timing : Jully, August, Septembar   Tourist Spot  : Gosaba, Rabindranth thakur Bekon banglow, Hamilton Saheb banglow, Pakhiralay Sajnakhali, Sudhanwakhali, Pirkhali, Bonabibi varani Sarkkhali Gajikhali, Dobaki...
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